Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] poor audio quality

Using G.711 is perhaps not the best idea. Try to permit ALaw only. Or
better, install the MS-GSM codec for Netmeeting (you can find a patch on

However, I remember that there were some problems with OpenH323 a while
ago concerning the G.711 codec. I read that you are using GM 0.93 which
is pretty old. I would suggest that you use CVS version with updated
openh323 libraries. If you are using Redhat 8 or Debian, we can provide
you updated packages.

Le ven 13/12/2002 à 12:12, Ben Elliston a écrit :
> > G.723.1 is automaticall selected when you are using the Quicknet card.
> OK, that helps, thanks.
> Now I am back to using a full-duplex sound card with mic and speakers.  I
> have managed to work out that when speaking to a Netmeeting client, my
> voice sounds slow and audio sent from the Netmeeting client sounds fast.  
> They are agreeing on the uLaw codec.
> Any ideas on how to proceed?
> Thanks, Ben
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