Re: [GnomeMeeting-list] Bad sound quality when using gateway

You can check what codec is used in the "General History".
The best to use when you have a Quicknet card is G.723.1.

Le ven 06/12/2002 à 09:36, Michael Glauche a écrit :

> Hi,
>    I'm using gm with a Swyx gatekeeper/gateway software, and a quicknet PCI 
> internet linejack. 
> Local calls to swyxware clients all have very good quality and a medium (1/2 
> second) delay. But when I call someone outside (through the gateway) the 
> incoming sound (i.e. that from outside to GM) sounds fine, but the outgoing 
> (from GM to outside).
> How can i check which codecs are used ? I did try to disable all low bandwith 
> codecs, but same result.
> Also, i don't think that the gateway is the problem, because i have a Siemens 
> TA1100 right here, which is basicly GM+quicknet in hardware, a POTS to VoIP 
> converter, which only speeks H.323 and works perfectly fine with swxy.
> Any ideas ?

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