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I recently installed Gnomemeeting 0.85.1 and needed to use the --nodeps
flag on the rpm installation.  I'm using Redhat 7.2 on a IBM T22

I can browse the LDAP server and find a person then call them.  However
the person I'm calling never sees a message or indication of a call and
the client just shows the following in the log window:

09:44:11: Call 1: calling <IP Address>
09:44:11: Call Completed

I've used the netmeeting side of the equation successfully connecting
to other netmeeting client.

Any suggestions?

Stephen's Email: Cphobes yahoo com
Belinda's Email: Belindamcg yahoo com

ICQ# 14863664
AOLiM: Cphobes
Yahoo Messenger: Cphobes

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