[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] [GUI] Connect button drawing


I discussed that with Damien some weeks ago, and he said he couldn't
reproduce it. I asked some more people and they told the same. So I
thought it was my GTK+ version. But now, I have a fairly new version,
and it's the same. That's why I ask again.

The connect button (and possibly other toggle-buttons) doesn't get
updated properly. The image on it, yes. But the state is not drawn
correctly (button "in" on "on" and "out" on "off") when the mouse
pointer isn't over that button on change time. It's only about when the
program itself changes the button state, not when the user presses it.

Can you guys please have a quick look, and drop me a line if it happens
or not? If I'm not the only one, I can work out some code to do it

Repeat by:
One way to safely repeat it is calling sip:500 ekiga net (the echo
test) and release the connection by pressing "#" on dialpad. The
connect button image will change, but it may be still pressed-in.


PS: If it does NOT happen, I'd appreciate information about used GTK+
version (or whatever one thinks that could be related). Thanks.

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