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Hello Damien,

In spite of not being involved into GM development I would like to share
ideas regarding future of GM. For sure my ideas are oriented on getting
profit from GM (sorry for commercial point of view).

First of all it is necessary to have stable GM 2.0 which supports H.323/SIP
and ensure that it is cross-platform. GM 2.0 is a wonderful basis for next

Interesting features:
1. GM supports video. I have some requests regarding SIP client that
supports video. I see not so many alternatives.
2. GM uses OPAL SIP stack. Believe me, there is not so much stable SIP
stacks for WinOS. 
3. GM can be extended to support IAX2. IAX2 is supported by Cisco. I suppose
this is good reason to add IAX2.
4. GM can be shipped with Asterisk and GnuGK distributables. What is
standard scenario: company sells Asterisk and deliver SIP client. I believe
that GM can be this SIP application to be shipped with Asterisk. For sure it
is necessary to contact Asterisk/GnuGK/(...) installers (I mean companies
that provide IPPBX solutions based on SIP and H.323).
5. GM can be extended to support Skype and other proprietary networks.
Integration of different (H.323/SIP/IAX2/MGCP/H.248/Skype/Gizmo/...)
networks in one client is coming.
6. GM can be extended in providing additional features like: MCU "on board"
(mixing several calls), making Call Center operator control application (GM
with multiple lines), MMS (when gatwaying to GSM networks), etc.
7. GM can be extended in providing collaboration services like: desktop
sharing (can be easily done with VNC), file transfer, GM API (to integrate
with ERP).
8. GM can be extended in "bleeding edge" features like: H.239, newest (but
not implemented yet) SIP features.
9. GM can be integrated with popular IPPBX like GnuGK/Asterisk to provide
additional services that are not provided by standard SIP clients.
10. GM can be customized for specific service providers for that makes PSTN

Every mentioned feature can help in spreading GM and allows to get
commercial profit. For sure it is really impossible to cover all topics
>From my point of view It is necessary to concentrate on several features
(1-3) and work on them.

With best regards,
Roman Skvirsky  

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>>Le mercredi 30 novembre 2005 à 19:40 +0100, Julien PUYDT a écrit :
>>> Damien Sandras a écrit :
>>> > GnomeMeeting is playing in those 4 fields, but there are 
>>now so many
>>> > alternatives, that I wonder if there is still an interest 
>>to develop
>>> > GnomeMeeting after 2.00 will have been released. Two 
>>years ago, you had
>>> > to use GnomeMeeting if you wanted to do 1), 2), or 4). 
>>Currently, there
>>> > are so many alternatives that GnomeMeeting is perhaps unuseful.
>>> Did you notice how all other alternatives are "future" and 
>>> is "now" ?
>>What I fear is a shift :
>>- other alternatives are "present"
>>- and GnomeMeeting is "past"
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