Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Interest for GM 2.00

Le mercredi 30 novembre 2005 à 17:36 +0100, Conrad Beckert a écrit :
> >I think they are. But very much is relying only on me or Julien, which
> is bad. We would need more developers to see more "new" features. <
> Well, probably there would be more if we could atract consultancies which
> actually offer Gnomemeeting as part of their portfolio.

Yes, but how to achieve that?

> Just to give you an impression of what I mean: Check out
> and see who is behind the project. The main
> exponents seem to be folks from companies offering integrated communication
> and colaboration solutions (and Gnomemeeting is nothing else)
> At events such as the Linuxtag (my German prospective - there should be
> similar events in the Benelux or France as well) one always sees a lot of
> companies offering some Asterisk solutions - mostly hook it up with
> traditional PBXes using the ISDN protocol -so popular here. The trick is to
> widen their minds to consider everything be building blocks of the same issue:
> how to make people work together despite of geographic distances.


> When I tell my VoIP / video stories, I usually get good feedback: People are
> interested to have something like what I mentioned above. I could probably
> convince one or two to deploy something and even pay for it. (though it would
> be a tough job to convince people to convert to desktop Linux first - that's
> why Windows Gnomemeeting is so important)

Yes, indeed. I should perhaps invest time on it myself together with

> But, given my experience with all the issues of a) Windows clients, such as
> the mediocre Netmeeting b) the unfriendly H323 protocoll, c) firewalls and NAT
> routers d) unresolved, unspecific issues such as dropped calls or dreadful
> noise,I know in advance, such a presentation would end up in a desaster.
> So what I try to set up is a demonstration platform that actually works: send
> someone a CD, say "install this and open port x,y and z on your firewall) and
> give me a call" and it works! Beeing able to convince e.g. the client whom I
> develop a website for to drop MSN (as it is "dangerous" :-) ) would provide me
> the means to run all the hurdles, to brush up my C++ skills, learn the tool
> chain etc.


> So before starting this we should develop a vision where it is going to and
> which features would be missing. (btw: OpenOffice has a section in their
> website on how to participate and develop - probably Gnomemeeting would need
> that as well - some links to "developping in 30 days" would be a start at
> least)
> What do you think?

That you are right. Also, GnomeMeeting needs more marketing power. I
sent a mail about that earlier this month, but got few feedback.

> Conrad
> PS: I could certainly do some testing - actually I've done a lot to get it
> work in the previous couple of months. Meanwhile I'm on a videoconference for
> 1-2 hours each day. :-)
> Probably I could make the results more helpful for you by providing feed back.
> I'm still with version 1.2.2 -thank God it can coexist.
> PPS: Some guy in my Linux club whose Girl friend is deaf looks for an
> application to replace their aging ISDN picture phone which she uses to "talk"
> in gesture language. He asked me to give him an introduction to Gnomemeeting.
> That's probably a market as well. (i.e. promote it to the respective
> institutions such as "The National Association Of The Deaf and Hearing
> Impaired")
> Conrad
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