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What are the needs in order to maintain Documentation/FaQ.
I never did that before and i probably don't know what those terms cover exactly. May be I could help but I absolutly need to understand if I can do that in parallel with my other works.
I wouldn't want begin something and never be able to complete it.
How is it heavy in term of work a day/week/month,
are there some production dead lines most of the time or sometimes,
in term of knowledge, I'm absolutly a newbee with all the used technologies (SIP, STUN,Hxxx and others)
Is this possible in this case ?
etc ... etc...


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  1. Re: GnomeMeeting 2.00 (cwarner)


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Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2005 03:36:02 -0500
From: cwarner <cwarner kernelcode com>
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Sigh.. I really don't want to do doc again but no documentation would be
bad. I'm pressed for time as it is but i'll sacrifice sleep for another
couple of days if no one else steps up in the next 24-48 hours =).. No
one else wants to do doc??

On Mon, 2005-11-07 at 12:13 +0100, Damien Sandras wrote:

Let's summarize the different roles :

1) Project Manager and Maintainer: Damien Sandras

2) Promotion Coordinator: Jonita Sandras.

3) Stable Release Packages Maintainer: Kilian Krause / Iason Antipariotis

4) New Release Packagers Maintainer: Kilian Krause

5) Bugs Triaging: Julien Puydt / Damien Sandras

6) Documentation Maintainer: NOBODY

7) FAQ Maintainer: NOBODY

8) Web Designer: Cédric Valcke

To conclude, we will have no FAQ and no doc for 2.00.


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