Re: [GnomeMeeting-devel-list] GM-opal don't close correctly

Hi Carlos,

Am Dienstag, den 01.11.2005, 04:45 +0100 schrieb Carlos González:
> i have this problem since 1 week ago, using GM-opal-cvs packages for
> Sarge.
> I tried to see where is the bug whith Gdb, but no info.

you mean, there's no debug information in the package at all? That might
be true, but I need to fix this, as I find the time. Are you sure, that
you have the gnomemeeting-opal-cvs-dbg pacakge installed? For the libs:
libpt-cvs comes unstripped until I find the time to spin off a nice
libpt-cvs-dbg package again (would need debhelper 5 for Sarge and Hoary,
which I dislike for now). libopal-dbg goes extra as there's no plugins
in separate packages. 

I've added the libopal-dbg hint to the diff, so this will come with the
next shipped packages. For now, libopal-dbg depended on libopal-dev,
which is more than you need for testing. This was downgraded to
libopal-cvs and will be in the next packages aswell.

Thus, if you have all of "libpt-cvs libopal-cvs libopal-dbg
gnomemeeting-opal-cvs gnomemeeting-opal-cvs-dbg", you should see all the
debug info you search for. If not, please come up with greater details.

Best regards,

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