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Many CVS news for tonight, I think the snapshot is worth an upgrade.

- Exiting the application correctly unregisters all accounts (as
requested by Jan)
- iLBC has been fixed. It is working now.
- I fixed a bug that prevented codecs preferences to work. Formerly, an
unselected codec could be used during a call. Similarly, a codec at the
bottom of the list could be used before a codec at the top if the remote
was ordering them that way. It has been fixed.
- A function has been fixed in OPAL, it was broken and the result was
(among others) that GnomeMeeting was crashing if you were exiting while
a call was in progress.

- The NAT settings have been moved under the Network settings page (as
requested by Peter)
- The icon was not displayed anymore for the main UI, it has been fixed.
(as reported by Peter)
- Statusbar messages now appear as tooltips (as requested by Peter, and
Jan too I think)

More to come later. 

However, the fixed OPAL bugs were showstoppers for a release.

Enjoy and thanks to those supporting me and my work!
 _      Damien Sandras
(o-     GnomeMeeting: http://www.gnomemeeting.org/
//\     FOSDEM 2005 : http://www.fosdem.org
v_/_    H.323 phone : callto:ils.seconix.com/dsandras seconix com

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