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The GnomeMeeting release is imminent. Would it be possible to generate a
new release of OpenH323 and PWLib?

There are actually 2 problems current openh323/PWLib CVS :
1) the PWLIB V4L plugin still report twice each device since Derek's
change. Remember the discussion. What should we do until this is fixed
properly? Add a hack in GnomeMeeting for the V4L plugin? Or undo that
change in the plugin until we have a proper method for all plugins?

2) Since you moved the Openh323 H.235 authentication classes to
PFactory, it has become impossible to register to gatekeepers, passwords
are rejected. Daniel has the problem with GNU GK and I have the problem
with the gatekeeper of the new PC-To-Phone provider. The problem doesn't
appear without your change.

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