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I like the slider concept but I think the term 'speed' is also a little confusing (i.e raising questions like... is it the speed of my internet connection?)

How about titles of "Frame Rate" and "Picture Quality"?

That's one (mini) report.... Do you feel appreciated now? ;-)


Damien Sandras wrote:

I actually have 2 questions :
- Do you prefer H.263 or H.261?
- Do you prefer the new slider or the old settings?

/me who has the feeling nobody will test and report

Le dim, 16/05/2004 à 23:08 +0200, Damien Sandras a écrit :
Hi all,

Most people were confused by the old "Minimum transmitted frames per
second/ minimum quality to achieve" settings, they didn't know what to
put there.

I have replaced those 2 settings by a new optimized :
speed <----|----------------------> quality

I would like that you test it.

I would also like that you compare H.263 from FFMPEG and H.261 with the
same preferences. I personally don't see any improvement.

Please report back, I really need it to feel my work is worth it.

Thank you,

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