[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] I need your help!

Hi Damien ,
I wanted to append ffmpeg and 263 onto gnomemeeting,so that I added the library and capability.After all,I found that when I called netmeeting,the hint keeped showing "connecting "ip""and then the computer was down.But for these days of code debugging,I have found out why the gnomemeeting couldn't transfering within 263.The main problem generated on the process of video catching and transfering.I have got the function named "GMVideoGrabber::VGOpen (void)",but I took out this function after lots of failure of code debuging.Messages debuged as follows:

channel->AttachVideoReader (grabber);
channel->AttachVideoPlayer (encoding_device);

var_mutex.Wait ();
is_opened = 1;
var_mutex.Signal ();

encoding_device->SetFrameSize (width, height);
/* Setup the video settings */
GetParameters (&whiteness, &brightness, &colour, &contrast);
gnomemeeting_threads_enter ();
gtk_adjustment_set_value (GTK_ADJUSTMENT (gw->adj_brightness),
gtk_adjustment_set_value (GTK_ADJUSTMENT (gw->adj_whiteness),
gtk_adjustment_set_value (GTK_ADJUSTMENT (gw->adj_colour),
gtk_adjustment_set_value (GTK_ADJUSTMENT (gw->adj_contrast),

/* Enable the video settings frame */
gtk_widget_set_sensitive (GTK_WIDGET (gw->video_settings_frame),
gnomemeeting_threads_leave ();

/* Enable the video preview button if not in a call */
if (MyApp->Endpoint ()->GetCallingState () == 0) {

gnomemeeting_threads_enter (); gtk_widget_set_sensitive (GTK_WIDGET (gw->preview_button), true);
gnomemeeting_threads_leave ();

On this way,it works to receive the video within 263(ffmpeg&&rfc)with netmeeting,but it doesn't work to send.If the note above is took out,the program will come on without responding,and the hints shows "connecting "ip" " too,and then the computer is down.What's for it?How can it sending video with 263?In fact,ohphone works well not only when receiving,but also when sending.I need your help!If I could add 263 successfully,I will send the program onto cvs.Thank your very much!

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