[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] Some news

Hi to all,

You are probably wondering why there are no new features in CVS anymore.

Well, that's not because I stopped working on GnomeMeeting (I hope it
won't happen too soon even though I'm more and more demotivated), but
because I'm rewriting a major part of GnomeMeeting : the address book.

The address book will have a similar look to the current address book,
but it will :
- share the contacts with Evolution for a better integration OR use
GmConf as backend if --disable-gnome is used.
- be able to browse LDAP servers and ILS directories
- keep current features

I want to reorganize code to do this, so I decided to start from
scratch, as if no address book ever existed and to reuse old code when
convenient. The problem is that the current addressbook code contains
5000 lines of code, ie probably 15 full days of work (perhaps more), so
rewriting it is a big task and will take a long time.

Once it is done, I will integrate the plugins system from Craig
Southeren for audio (and video) codecs, and the major new features from
1.2 will be available...

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