[GnomeMeeting-devel-list] [RC2] the "Did I got it right this time?" release


this release should:
* integrate to pwlib's build system perfectly;
* be able to cope with several devices with the same name;
* have no multithreading problems (this is preventive: I never heard of
a problem);

In more details:
* the manager doesn't search plugins by default in
"/usr/lib/pwlib/video": if you installed in /usr/local, it will search
in /usr/local/lib/pwlib/video;
* the plugins/Makefile has been partially rewritten (better than for
RC1... snif);
* no more dc plugin, since I don't have the hardware to turn it into a
nice&stable plugin;
* avc: got a mutex around calls to the dictionary real-userfriendly, and
handles several devices of the same name;
* v4l: idem

Patching pwlib has become more difficult:
1) take a nice cvs checkout;
2) apply pwlib.patch;
3) move $(PWLIBDIR)/include/ptbuildopts.h.in to
$(PWLIBDIR)/include/ptbuildopts.h.in.in (!);
4) copy video_plugins.h to $(PWLIBDIR)/include/ptlib;
5) copy vidin_manager_dlopen.cxx to $(PWLIBDIR)/src/ptlib/unix;
6) copy (-R) the plugins/ directory to $(PWLIBDIR);

To use it in gm, use the same gm.patch as usual...



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