Re: Proposal: Theme manager UI (#326070)

Rodney Dawes <dobey novell com> escribió: 
>I'll have to look at it later. I don't think the theme manager is overly
>complex though. Most of things to make it better are generally small. It
>works ok, and serves its purpose. It's actually quite simpler than most
>theme configuration interfaces out there.
>One thing to note though, is that your mock-up provided in the bug
>completely ignores the "Desktop Theme" concept, which is what the
>theme manager is centered around. Are you suggesting the changes only
>for the dialog you get after clicking "Details"?

Yes and no, let me explain my point of view, right now, the only "Desktop
Themes" that we are deploying are those that come with mainstream,
ClearLooks,  and so on. So the more common task for someone that wants to
customize his desktop is download icons, gtk or metacity themes, and try
them in order to see how them looks like together. With the actual aproach,
that task is very annoying since you have to open theme viewer, and then the

details dialog, so user can choose.

At the begining, I was proposing to removing it, but now I understand that
removing the Desktop Theme view is not good, since we have accesible themes
that should be selected at one-click time.

So we could try a dual aproach. Instead of emerging a dialog for detailed
view, we can store which default view the user wants, and let the user
select with somthing like a combo box on the top (I'll attach a mockup of

Another discussion that I want to start is about the themes distribution.
Right now is working really good, too, there
are a lot of new themes and updates every day.
But, for common users, is hard to realize how to install them (that's why I
added that drag and drop thing in my mockup). I was thinking about change
the extensions of tar.gz files from names (.mth .ith .gth for metacity,
icons and gtk themes for example) in order to create a new MIME type so when
you right click on package files, nautilus open the appropiate MIME handler,
uncompress the theme package on .icons/ or .themes/ and start up the theme

Do you think that this is a good idea?

>-- dobey
Alberto Ruiz

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