Re: Font rendering settings

Yes. You can set these directly in fonts.conf. See the fontconfig
documentation for more details.

The way the settings daemon works, is that it sets these values as
XSettings on the root window, so anything running on your dislpay which
supports the XSettings spec and those specific settings, will handle
them. GTK+ and QT of course, both do this, which is why the KDE apps you
are running, get the same font settings for rendering quality.

-- dobey

On Thu, 2006-04-06 at 20:04 +0200, Johannes Laudenberg wrote:
> Hi there,
> I really like Gnome Control Center and its behaviour that preferences 
> like font settings are set system-wide automatically so that KDE 
> applications look just as Gnome applications.
> But as I use a blackbox-like window manager instead of the Gnome desktop 
> environment I have to start gnome-settings-daemon "by hand" in .xinitrc 
> right before the window manager.  The settings daemon however is not 
> very fast at booting so font settings are not adopted in the window 
> manager's texts (such as titlebars, menus, ...).
> I seem to prefer a very exotic configuration as the Gnome Control Center 
> is the only control center which has what I want:
> * rgba_order = rgb
> * antialiasing = grayscale
> * dpi = 96
> * hinting = none
> I like it because it gives me smooth fonts whithout horrible 
> rgb-subpixels.  KDE control center only gives me rgb-subpixels and so do 
> configuration files for X I found.
> What I want to know is whether I am able to set exactly _these_ settings 
> above without using the settings daemon?  Are there configuration files 
> for X (or for Gnome,GTK) to do so?  Are there any X library functions 
> that allow me to do it faster than the settings daemon?
> Many thanks in advance, Johannes

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