bonobo-conf and XML archiving

It is pretty clear that libximian_archiver should be moved out of the
XST module because it introduces a dependency of the capplets on XST. So
we need to find a new home for it.

I have also been thinking about capplet refactoring. Two of my goals are
to make the XML serialization and parsing automatic, so that no such
code need be written by the capplet developer, and to put all the XML
archiving (i.e. support for location management and rollback) in an
underlying library, so again the developer need not think about it.
Bonobo-conf is a very good way to handle the first goal. As for the
second goal, I think a good solution is to create a configuration
moniker that uses the archiver as a store. This could be located in
bonobo-conf or in the control center module. I believe it makes the most
sense to put it in the latter so as not to introduce any dependency
problems; this also suggests putting the archiver proper in the control
center. The result is that XST depends on the control center but not
vice versa.

With a small amount of additional effort, I can add a bonobo interface
to provide access to the rollback and location management features of
the archiver, thereby clean up a lot of the archiver's code (currently
there is a some slightly scary code to deal with synchronization between
different processes). However, these plans I will not implement until
later, since we need to maintain stability above all else.

-Bradford Hovinen

We are most probably here for local information-gathering and
local-Universe problem-solving in support of the integrity of
eternally regenerative Universe.

   -- R. Buckminster Fuller

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