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Forwarding here FYI, since the topic falls between marketing-wgo and the
previous discussions about CMSs held in this list.

If you have comments please use the wiki pages or marketing-list, since
they are being watched by developers of each CMS and they are probably
not subscribed here. Thank you.

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The first round of CMS testing is about to start. The installs of
Drupal, eZ, Midgard, Plone and Tiki are ready. I have got admin details
and I'm in the process of taking control over them.  

Each evaluation page has now a table with the actions to rank. More at

The testers are Greg, Jeff, Joachim and me. If you have time and want to
go through all the CMSs you still can join us. The rest of you can't
take part in the ranks in order to avoid distortions due to partial
evaluations. But YOU CAN COMMENT if you think there is something we are
missing or misinterpreting. We are no experts an we can make mistakes.

The first round should be completed by Thursday 17th. The objectives

El dg 13 de 08 del 2006 a les 00:26 +0200, en/na Quim Gil va escriure:
> - See if we agree on the first candidates to dismiss, and the reasons to
> dismiss them.
> - See if we agree on 1-2 favorites, and the reasons to support them.
> - Send a draft report to the list for review.

Testers: try to complete your ranks by Wednesday the latest so I can
write the summary on Thursday.

Quim Gil /// http://desdeamericaconamor.org | http://guadec.org

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