Re: Problem with My SQL

On อ., 2005-09-06 at 13:58 +0200, Matthias Kniess wrote:
> Hello ,
> My problem is ..i want to bring my old "MySQL Adminstrator & Query Browser"
> on my new computer .. when i copy the
> the complete directory (C:\Programme\MySQL) and start them on the new
> computer, then i get i message like :
> "The following Exeption occurred:
> The Bitstream Vera Sans Mono fonts cannot be found. Please download them on
> and copy them into the MySQL fonts directory..."
> I need the files : VeraMoBd.tff, VeraMoBI.tff, VeraMoLt.tff, VeraMono.tff
> I have downlaod some files but they are .tar or gz. documents and they can
> be read by me....

Most unzip programs I've seen (on the rare misfortunate occasions I've
had to use Windows) were able to handle compressed (gzip/.gz) tar files
and various other (non-zip) compression/archive formats too.

> i hope you understand my problem and can help me out.....

I can't help with your poor quality archiving tools :) But, I can
quickly and easily repack the '.tar.gz' file into a '.zip' files, so
I've done that for now:

(might take a while for the main mirror to sync before it shows)


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