Re: developer website tabs mock-up

Ryan Pavlik wrote:

James Henstridge wrote:

Here's something I put together over the weekend:

I've taken some real content from the various developer websites to give a better impression of how the "developer website tabs" would work.

I've also lifted the updated Gnome logo off of Sebastien's masthead mock-ups to see how they fit in (this was done fairly quickly in the gimp using the colour -> alpha tool, so we shouldn't use this particular image on the main website).

I mentioned this on IRC, where I got some positive and some negative responses. Some of the problems people mentioned include:

   * Confusion over the row of links above the row of tabs
   * Looks too busy/confusing (possibly due to different alignment of
     the two rows of links)
   * Not clear how the first row of links relates to the second row

Does anyone else have anything to add?


I would be inclined to suggest the tabs, if used, should be the top level navigation, therefore revealing "sub-links" that are different on each tab, and therefore are a little less confusing. I suspect this might be a bit much, however, since that's a cross-site thing.

If there's any way the line under the active tab could be removed, and the non-active ones could be made to look like the active one does now, it would futher the "tab" metaphor a bit more naturally: otherwise the other tabs sort-of just float.

I'm not sure what you mean about the line under the active tab. There is no bottom border under the active tab on the systems I've tested with:

As for the tab colouring, the idea is that the active tab and the content below it are joined (as they would be with physical notebook tabs, which the UI is modelled after). So it makes sense for the active tab colour to match the page background colour.

The other tabs were darkened, and have the bottom border visible to separate them from the main page content.


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