Re: Publishing documentation on w.g.o

On Sun, 2004-08-22 at 03:30, Curtis Hovey wrote:
> Does this seem doable?  Who should have the power to set the latest
> version?  Do we need a sanity to ensure all our versions of documents
> are published?  Should i just regen the docs by hand, put them back, and
> delay a solution until we get

Ok this answers the subject in my last email.  It seems to me that the
most important thing is to have the imformation on the server.  This is
fairly essential stuff so IMHO availability comes first (upload the
material) then we sort out the maintainability.

In terms of maintainability your proposal looks good but it sounds like
a lot of effort to go to if is going to supercede it
in the near future.  Do we have a timeframe for the implementation of  If we have a while to wait before l.g.o (i.e. a
couple of gnome releases) then this sounds like a good idea.  If there's
any way I can help (i.e. any repetitive boring stuff you don't want to
do like validation etc) just sing out.


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