Re: Broken webpage link

<quote who="Elijah P Newren">

> The webpage used to work.
> However it appears that the unstable symlink has moved from 2.5 to 2.6 and
> that the 2.6 page doesn't have the given link.  I can still access
> directly, but I'd like to have
> an up-to-date link that I don't have to change every six months or so.  Is
> this possible?

Hmm, there's no standard on the pages under the versioned start directories,
and part of that is due to them being individual html pages. No my fault! ;)
So, I will try and work something out in this regard for you.

- Jeff

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      "I'm offering you my body, and you're offering me semantics." -
                              Caitlin, Clerks

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