user contact page revised

Thanks for all the advise about the user contact page.  I have made a
second revision and placed it at:

The localized section may be incomplete. Christian Rose provided some
corrections for the Swedish resources.  Should the title's be localized
for the language/country.  If so, I'll need help. I'm very definition of
someone who speak one language, and not very well, an American.*  I
added an application support section and it has two links (AKA gnomedesktop).

The foundation contact page remains unchanged.

If we like the purpose-oriented arrange of the user contact page, do we
want to do the same to the foundation page.

* I blame my parent's and the schools.  I never had an opportunity to
study an language until university, way past my prime for language
acquisition.  As it stands, I barely get by in the US not speaking

__C U R T I S  C.  H O V E Y____________________
sinzui cox net
Guilty of stealing everything I am.

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