Re: On-line Store, Credit Card donations &dbase

On Fri, 2003-10-17 at 17:58, GNOME Foundation wrote:
> We've been discussing setting up a on-line store on board list
> and expanding the foundation's capability to accept direct credit card
> donations via the website.
> Currently, GNOME Foundation only accepts on-line contributions
> via PayPal.  This works well, but 
> -1- there is no database of our donors & they need to be tracked
> manually. 
> -2- some people prefer not to use PayPal 
> We'd like to extend <> to include the
> option of making a donation via credit card.  
> Would anyone be interested and have time to work on the webform and the
> database aspects of this project?

I'll research it.  As I understand the request: 
GNOME wants to accept direct donations via CC.  
The information must be captured.  
The information must be transmitted and stored securely.
The info must be validated (CC is mod10).
The transaction must be approved by the card issuer.
The donation info from other sources (Paypal) must be captured.
Some parties require reports about the transactions.
Some parties need a list of donors.

To meet some of the above requirements we need an HTTPS server with a
certificate from an authority (Verisign or Thawte).  Validation is
trivial, but authorization requires the assistance of a member org/com,
or a private arrangement with credit card processing provider.  The
database with the cc information must also be very secure (the server,
db, and data must be hardened).  Some reports may require extra trust
for the member/user to view them.

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