Re: The state of our web site and standards

On Thu, 12 Apr 2001, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> This is something that has been troubling me a bit, too. All of the
> generated documentation (there is - and should be - *lots*) will fall
> outside of the scriptable templatey stuff that we have been talking about on
> gnome-web-list.

I'm not quite following you here.
The DocBook docs at should be translated to HTML via
an XSL. The other content should be in another XML format that's suited
for the content (i.e. some basic <sectionheader>, <para>, etc. stuff),
which again is translated to HTML via an XSL. If we create both XSLs to be
consistant with each other, we get
	a, a look&feel shared between stuff generated from DocBook sources
		and original content
	b, the ability to easily change look&feel whenever we feel like it
	c, the ability to store content in an easily searchable form,
		using content-describing tags in the XML

For this to happen, first the existing GNOME website contents should be
inspected to come up with a reasonable XML DTD for describing
content, and then the web designers can come up with an appropriate XSL.
This will make it easily maintainable, offline-generated and highly
searchable. Of course, the real work will be to create a DocBook-to-HTML
XSL that's reasonably consistent with other [developer.]
look&feel, but this is one thing certainly required only on the long run.

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