Re: Localization Structure Model

Joakim Ziegler wrote:
> In general, I'd like to avoid SQL as much as possible. On sites like
>, which get massive traffic, it's a hog. We should use as many
> flat files as possible, and where we use SQL, we should use cache files for
> the overview pages and other often used parts of the site.

Agreed. For basic text (eg, non-generated news items) this would be slow
and a headache.
> Now, localizing appindex entries is a separate issue, but for localizing
> general page content, the best thing to do if we're using PHP is probably
> defining some functions like l10n_text_start(language) and
> l10n_text_end(), and put blocks of text between pairs of these functions.
> It's then really easy to pick the right one, since l10n_text_start just
> checks if language is the same as the current language, and if not,
> suppresses the output.

I like the idea of function usage. So they would grab the page text from
a file? Would we use XML?


Steve Fox

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