Re: [PATCH] modify find_cached_server string semantics (was: Problems with SMB module)

Christian Neumair said:
> Am Mittwoch, den 29.03.2006, 09:58 +0200 schrieb Philippe Normand:
>> Hi,
>> I'm browsing a local Samba share using either
>> nautilus or gnome-python gnomevfs package.. It works like a charm
>> excepted that my samba server forks *lots* of process, and these
>> connections are never closed. I ended with about 200 smbd processes,
>> and a loadavg of 195 ...
>> If i try to browse my share using smbclient, smbd forks one process
>> which is killed when i exit smbclient. This makes me think there could
>> be a bug in GnomeVFS SMB module.. What's your opinion ?
>> What can i do to help solve the problem ? I'm using Gnome 2.14.
> I haven't ever touched the smb method, but I could reproduce your issue
> and tried to fix it by making find_cached_server use similar string
> semantics as add_cached_server. After applying it, the cache lookup WFM
> as expected and the smbd spawning paranoia stops.


The patch works great ;) Anybody to apply on CVS so that everyone can
enjoy it?


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