Re: Bug in MIME type detection - nautilus or vfs?

On Mon, 2006-01-09 at 03:41 +0100, Daniel Leidert wrote:
> x-post to gnome-vfs and gnome-nautilus lists
> Hello,
> There is a bug in the MIME type detection in nautilus. To show what I
> mean: I have a directory, where all my bluefish-projects files resist.
> The application/bluefish-project MIME type is defined via
> shared-mime-info database.

On directory load nautilus only looks at the extension (for performance
reasons), but when you actually click on the file it sniffs it. If you
make the bluefish-project a subclass of text/plain then it won't fall
back in that way i think. At least with later versions of gnome.

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