Re: [Fwd: [Issue 19175] register for uri support in Gnome 2]

Christophe Fergeau wrote:
Le jeudi 26 mai 2005 à 11:58 +0200, Oliver Braun a écrit :

Hi *,

let me explain the issue more briefly:

1. RFC#1738 specifies the url as a concatination of cwd commands, meaning

ftp://john server/foo/bar.txt will actually (assuming /home/john as the login directory) result in /home/john/foo/bar.txt on the server.

Hmm, how do you get to /foo/bar.txt using an ftp:// like uri? Nautilus
didn't like much getting to /some/random/directory/on/ftp/server instead
of / when being given an uri like ftp://server/

One has to encode the slashes: ftp://server/%2Ffoo/bar.txt, which expands to `cd /foo` on the server.


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