Re: obex-vfs-module integration

25 maj 2005 kl. 22.05 skrev Jörg Ungalub:


I own a cellphone with camera and bluetooth but with no memorycard.
I'd like to have a gnome-vfs-obex module to browse my phones picturearchive like with kbluetooth for KDE . I tried to port the old obexftp-vfs module with some luck and much fool. But I just heard about http:// They have
an interesting obexftp-vfs-module but they changed to dbus.
As i had some time to port the original gnome 1.4 obexftp-vfs to Gnome
2.0 and up i had nearly the same idea to use a dbus service for obex
connections because bluetooth takes up to 3 seconds to connect (laming)

The OBEX module is in it self not depending on D-BUS, it runs in the GnomeVFS daemon as any other module so it works with stock GnomeVFS as well. The code for that will as far as I know be available shortly.

Best Regards,
  Mikael Hallendal

Imendio AB,

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