Observing a crash in libgnomevfs on Novell Linux Desktop 9.

Hi all,


I am very new to the development world of GNOME. I have started developing small apps for fun sake. I am facing a problem on my NLD  machine (version 9). I recently made an application which open a gtk file chooser to open a file. After I have selected the file I have to open, I launch any 3rd party application (say mozilla) using the vfork command. Now when this new application (mozilla in our case) is closed, it results in a crash of my application. I was totally confused over the crash as I was doing just what GTK documents for the file chooser. On trying the same code on RHL 9, it worked absolutely perfectly. I finally managed to debug into it and found that the crash is happening in a SIGCHLD signal handler that has been set by libgnomevfs. I could see this inside gdk by finding the reference of the handler which is crashing, and found it to be the function sigchild_handler inside libgnomevfs. Am I doing anything wrong, or is this a known bug ?? Please help me out on this.


Thanks a lot in advance


Salil Kapoor




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