My little wishes list on VFS


I'm not sure if this is the right place to say this,
but I do have a little comment on VFS.

VFS is a great stuff in gnome and I love this very much.
I think VFS can be better if it can provide these functions:
  1. let user to customize encoding for VFS folder
    VFS reads a filesystem using UTF-8 encoding and sometimes read things wrong.
    You may no have this experience but I face it lots of time (since I'm a Chinese user)

    I have a workstation with fileilla server on Windwos XP. The filesystem is in Big5
    but seems VFS does notice that. It would be best to let user to configure the
    charset of a VFS folder instead of just use UTF-8.

  2. allow user to modified a previously set VSF folder
    for many times, I set some of my FTP wrong on VFS. Currently, I cannot reconfigure
    an existing VFS folder and I have to do things all over again. It would be better if
    I can just right click the folder, press "setting" and reconfigure VFS folders.

  3. agreement between menu icon reaction and desktop icon reaction
    it is a little bit confuseing with the desktop icons and menu icons. If you right click
    the icon menu, the folder will show up. However, if you right click the desktop icon,
    it gives you a menu for properties and unmount. It would be best if I can get the
    menu for properties and unmount when I right click either one icon.

  4. let user to select if they want "Desktop Icon" or not
    If the point (3) is implemented, then the desktop icon would not necessary. It would
    be best to let user to choose if they want the "Desktop Icon" or not. Proberly its
    the best to provide same options as the application menu to the place menu icons.
    That means if you right click the icon, you can choose to "add this icon to panel" or
    "add this icon to desktop"

    If so, right-clicking the icon on location menu would give a menu with these options:
    1. Add this item to panel
    2. Add this item to desktop
    3. Unmount thie filesystem

These are just my little wishes to VFS and I think most people would be happy to see these.
Thanks your reading.

Koala Yeung

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