Re: Can someone please comment on this short program

Alexander Larsson wrote:
I'm not sure where the confusion is. I can't talk for the c++ bindings,
but for gnome-vfs itself the rule is:

  * file: URIs have no inherent encoding

None, nada, zilch. They are the filename as stored on disk, escaped into
a uri. As such, they are essentially escaped byte strings, the only
limit being that zero bytes and '/' bytes are not allowed. This is a
direct result of the fact that unix filenames have no encoding, and is
nothing we can anything do about in gnome-vfs.

Yes, I actually think the problem lies in the C++ bindings, because as opposed to gnome_vfs_uri_new(), the construction of a Gnome::Vfs::Uri in gnome-vfsmm requires the string which is passed to Uri::create() to be encoded in UTF-8 (that's because create() takes a Glib::ustring, and if you pass an std::string in place of a Glib::ustring--such as the one returned from FileInfo::get_name()--a conversion attempt will be made). If the string passed to create() is not valid UTF-8 however, an exception will be raised.

On the other hand however, if the string used to initialize the Gnome::Vfs::Uri is valid UTF-8 (e.g. after a successful conversion using the glib functions), it is possible that after construction, Gnome::Vfs::Uri::uri_exists() will always return false /if/ the system uses a different encoding for the filename in question.

You just have to be very careful about your string encodings. I'd
recommend using hex escapes when specifying a non-ascii string in C
source code.

it's not only about strings which are hardwired into the source code; the problem applies to all other strings as well.


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