Why gnome-vfs still depend on libpopt?

>From configure output, HEAD branch

        checking for poptGetArg in -lpopt... yes

But it seems that it's not really used in gnome-vfs, just in test

        gnome-vfs$ grep poptGetArg * -R
        test/test-shell.c:      args = poptGetArgs (popt_context);
        Il file binario test/test-shell.o corrisponde
        Il file binario test/.libs/test-async-directory corrisponde
        Il file binario test/.libs/test-directory corrisponde
        Il file binario test/.libs/test-shell corrisponde
        Il file binario test/.libs/test-xfer corrisponde
        test/test-async-directory.c:    args = poptGetArgs
        Il file binario test/test-async-directory.o corrisponde
        test/test-xfer.c:       args = poptGetArgs (popt_context);
        Il file binario test/test-xfer.o corrisponde
        test/test-directory.c:  args = poptGetArgs (popt_context);
        Il file binario test/test-directory.o corrisponde
Could someone port them to glib parsing API?

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