Re: Warnings when under GCC 3.4

On Tue, 2004-05-18 at 15:27, David Malcolm wrote:
> When trying to build gnome-vfs with gcc 3.4 I get various errors (see
> below); it looks like every instance of the VERIFY_STRING_RESULT with
> NULL as the second arg causes a warning; this causes warnings in
> methods/http-authn.c and in test/test-uri.c
> The attached patch makes it build without warnings.

Really?  It seems weird to me.  Which is it warning about?  the strcmp
or the test_failed function?  I assume it's the strcmp, because that's
what your patch appears to work around.  In that case, GCC should be
smart enough to realize that the only code paths to the call, the
arguments must be non-NULL.


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