ssh-method pty support

I added pty support to the gnome-vfs ssh module.

The changes can be found here:

It does not have keyring support, but it does support URLs like
ssh://user:pass server and if you do not enter a password it will ask
your password via dialog (though this is quite annoying as it does not
store any information so it will keep asking you while it connects).

Large sections of this code were ripped right out of the sftp-method in
gnome-vfs.  It uses the pty-open code in gnome-vfs to read from the pty.

I would make more changes, but I am not whether this module is really
being worked on.  I would like to add the following:

1. keyring support
2. change user name
3. caching support
4. fix some of the problems with editing/adding/copying files from the
local machine to the server.

Any changes I make I will be sure to merge with sftp-method.

Let me know, and I will start working.

Chris Parker
chris parker marinerhealthcare com

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