RE: gnome-vfs v. krb5.h

> From: Frederic Crozat [mailto:fcrozat mandrakesoft com] 
> Le mar 29/04/2003 à 11:14, Murray Cumming Comneon com a écrit :
> > Building gnome-vfs on HEAD with jhbuild, on RedHat 9, I get 
> this error:
> > 
> > /usr/include/openssl/kssl.h:72:18: krb5.h: No such file or 
> directory.
> > 
> > Does anyone know what I need to install?
> krb5-devel (I've looked at rawhide packages)..

Thanks. I seem to have that installed already. I guess the CFLAGS are wrong.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net 

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