Re: gnome-vfs-cache-daemon wanted.

On Mon, 28 Apr 2003, Kang Jeong-Hee wrote:

> Hi.
> Michael's comment on
> make state of a gnome-vfs caching daemon.
> also does.
> and many other part of gnome using gnome-vfs will improved.
> then, what the structure of caching daemon?
> 1. gnome-vfs-cache-daemon per user
> ~/.gnome-vfs-cache directory store and manage all the data transfer
> via gnome-vfs.
> 2. gnome-vfs-cache-daemon by root
> somewhere in /tmp store all the data transfer and set a sticky bit.
> or am I wrong? misunderstood what is gnome-vfs-cache-daemon?

First of all the daemon is not designed yet, so we don't know the details. 
It's gonna be per user, but its not a persistant (store-stuff-on-disk) 
cache. Its rather a way to cache and reuse connections/passwords/metadata 
etc between several running processes.

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