issues with mime-type/application mapping


If you use the file types configuration dialog to create a new mime type
(eg text/rtf), and then add a handler for it, and then use
gnome_vfs_mime_get_all_applications and
gnome_vfs_mime_get_short_list_applications, the new handler will appear
in the list returned by get_short_list_applications, but not in the list
returned by get_all_applications. After spending some time trying to
understand the mime type handling mess, I found out that the short list
is generated .keys files, and the all_applications list uses
.applications files. And when an app adds an app to the "short list
applications", it's added to these .keys files, but it does not seem to
be added to any .applications file, hence the synchronisation problem
between both calls.

Since I'm quite confused by the way mime types are handled in gconf, I
prefer to ask here if anybody know what should be fixed.
Should the file types dialog take some additionnal step to properly
update .applications files ?
Should the function which adds apps to the short list be fixed to ensure
the new apps will appear in the "all" list ?
Iirc there were some talks about rewriting this part of gnome-vfs, so
maybe things can be kept that way until the rewrite happen ?

Thanks for the help,


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