Re: GnomeVFSURI being removed...

On Fri, 2002-09-13 at 10:15, Shahms E. King wrote:
> According to this bug:

> here are other potential issues with this, just as
> "clean" method chaining (I don't think most users really want to see a 
> "file:///some/path/afile.tar.bz2#bzip2:///#tar:///"
>  when it's much more "natural" to display simply
> "file:///some/path/afile.tar.bz2/."

One of the key properties of URLs is that they're editable. Removing
information from the URI would break that :(
> Again, maybe I'm simply missing something, but it seems that deprecating
> GnomeVFSURI is the wrong direction to go.  Comments?

I don't know. I used to be strongly in favour of deprecating GnomeVFSURI
because some people gave some compelling arguments - I think mostly that
it would significantly reduce the number of entry points. Also, we can
totally provide a URI manipulation API that isn't as tied to gnome-vfs
as the current one - a GnomeVFSURI cannot represent a URI that is not
supported by GnomeVFS - and thats lame.


It doesn't seem to be going away in a hurry and nobody seems motivated
to do the work to get rid of it. And as many people are opposed removing
it I think it'll be there for a while :)


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