Re: ioctls for gnome-vfs

On Mon, Nov 18, 2002 at 11:11:08AM -0500, Alexander Larsson wrote:
> I don't like this at all. It heavily affects all sorts of filesystem 
> semantics in ways people will not expect. It also puts way to much 
> domain-specifc knowledge in the vfs. Let us not make the filesystem layer 
> know the layout of word documents.

This raises an interesting point.  Should there be a relationship
between libgsf and gnome-vfs ?  If gnome-vfs is the wrong place for
knowledge of file formats to go the possible libgsf is the place to
put it ?  It already has zip and ole in/out with an abstract
interface to all of it.

In this example to read the prop streams in a doc/xls/ppt file you
need to read 2 property streams out of an OLE2 file.  The same sort
of issue arises with OpenOffice xml streams inside zip files.

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