Re: [Fwd: Re: A console: method for accessing standard streams]

> Also, the uri-scheme is a bit strange. A uri is supposed to be a 
> location of an object, not something that differs for each process that  
> resolves it. And what will nautilus do if someone typed console:///stdin 
> in the location bar? Will it even work?

Imo this is part of a more general problem. Currently, typing tar:/// 
crashes nautilus (I never understood if it is supposed to be used as
tar://toto.tar, or as file://toto.tar#tar:), and there is also a pipe:
method which I don't know at all what it is supposed to do, nor if
typing pipe: in nautilus is supposed to do something at all.
Maybe there should be a way to tell for each uri "users are allowed to
try to open a file using uri://filename".


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