Re: [patch] making gnome_vfs_make_valid_utf8 public

Le mar 05/11/2002 à 14:21, Diego González a écrit :
> hi
> 	this patch make the gnome_vfs_make_valid_utf8 function public, it was
> made private when moving it from eel, i need it to remove the one that
> eel has, i'm cleaning eel up a bit :-)
> may i commit?

I looked quickly at eel, and don't understand why you would need it ?
eel_make_valid_utf8 was only used by eel_format_uri_for_display, and
there is an exported gnome_vfs_format_uri_for_display now (there will be
problems with the self tests though which use
eel_format_uri_for_display_internal which isn't exported by gnome-vfs). 

Did I miss something ?


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