Re: A GnomeVFS API for accessing standard streams

On 29 Nov 2002, Giovanni Corriga wrote:

> Ok, I have modified the code taking into account what Alex said.
> I've attached the new code to bug #99796:

+/* Convert a file descriptor to a handle */
+GnomeVFSResult	gnome_vfs_open_fd	(GnomeVFSHandle	**handle,
+					 gint filedes,
+					 GnomeVFSOpenMode open_mode);

Drop the open_mode part. It should be extracted from the fd using 
fcntl(fd, F_GETFL, &args).

#ifdef HAVE_LSEEK64
#define LSEEK lseek64
#define OFF_T off64_t
#define LSEEK lseek
#define OFF_T off_t

That should not be necesary, since gnome-vfs builds with 
_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64. Just use lseek and off_t.

Things like:
		close_retval = close (file_handle->fd);
	while (close_retval != 0
	       && errno == EINTR
	       && ! gnome_vfs_context_check_cancellation (context));

Should use braces:
do {
} while (...);

In do_get_file_info_from_handle():

	file_info->mime_type = g_strdup ("x-special/device-char");
	file_info->valid_fields |= GNOME_VFS_FILE_INFO_FIELDS_MIME_TYPE;

That's wrong in general for any random filedescriptor, and the 
indentation is wrong.


file_handle = file_handle_new(uri, filedes);
*handle = gnome_vfs_handle_new(uri, (GnomeVFSMethodHandle*)file_handle, open_mode);

Need space before the parenthesis.

Otherwise this looks good to me, and I'd really like it to go in so we can 
remove the console method.

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