[ANNOUNCE] Gnome-utils 2.14.0 - "The Wedding Release"

Good news, everyone!

Gnome-utils 2.14.0 - "The Wedding Release" - is out.

This is the official 2.14.0 release of the GNOME Utilities package.

* What is it ?

Gnome-utils is a collection of useful utilities for the GNOME desktop
that make your life easier, including:

 * GNOME Search Tool
 * GNOME Dictionary
 * GNOME Floppy
 * GNOME Log Viewer
 * GNOME Screenshot

It is available at :


* What's new ?

In this six months cycle, gnome-utils has received much love, both
in the single components and as a whole: tens of bugs, including
usability and portability issues, have been fixed; new features have
been added; the documentation has been improved by switching to
gnome-doc-utils; better performances have been achieved.  In short,
this is without any doubt the best gnome-utils release ever.

Significant changes in this release as compared to the last stable
release include a faster and more stable than ever System Log Viewer,
new features in the Search Tool like the ability to remember its size
and position or the monitoring of the searched files, and a completely
rewritten Dictionary; also, there have been tons of fixes and updates
to both GNOME Floppy and GNOME Screenshot.

Changes from the last pre-release:

    * Added Traditional Chinese translation (Hong Kong) [Chao-Hsiung Liao]

GNOME Search Tool
GNOME Dictionary
GNOME Floppy
GNOME Screenshot
GNOME Log Viewer

    * Nothing

Translations updates:

    bg [Rostislav Raykov], bn [Runa Bhattacharjee], cs [Petr Tomeš],
    et [Ivar Smolin], fr [Cyprien Le Pannérer], hi [Rajesh Ranjan],
    it [Andrea Zagli], pt_BR [Raphael Higino], pt [Duarte Loreto],
    ro [Mugurel Tudor], sq [Laurent Dhima], sv [Daniel Nylander],
    uk [Maxim Dziumanenko], zh_HK [Lin-Chieh Shangkuan],
    zh_TW [Lin-Chieh Shangkuan]


Emmanuele Bassi - <ebassi gmail com>
Log: http://log.emmanuelebassi.net

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