[ANNOUNCE] Gnome-utils 2.13.90 - "Gnomaean Taxonomy"

Hey all,

Gnome-utils 2.13.90 - "Gnomaean Taxonomy" - is out.

This is the sixth release of gnome-utils in the unstable gnome 2.13
series, and the first beta release for the incoming 2.14 version.

This is unstable software, which means you should install it on every
computer you can find, especially that server which everyone relies upon
at work.  For added fun, remember to run everything as root.  Try
removing random files, and see what happens.

It is available at :


* What is it ?

Gnome-utils is a collection of useful utilities for the GNOME desktop
that make your life easier, including:

 * GNOME Search Tool
 * GNOME Dictionary
 * GNOME Floppy
 * GNOME Log Viewer
 * GNOME Screenshot

* What's new ?

This new release of Gnome-utils addresses two crasher bugs of the System
Log Viewer, which is now more stable then ever; also, the clean up of
the code has begun.  The dictionary library API has reached a (late)
suitable frozen state, with the addition of a font property for the
definition display widget; this means that the Dictionary application
and applet will now honour the "document-font-name" GConf key.  Also,
the Categories of the .desktop files, used to create the menus, have
been fixed.

Details follow.

GNOME Utilities 2.13.90 (January 30th 2006) - "Gnomaean Taxonomy"

    * Fix the version for libgdict, and add a versioning scheme for
      this library; even if not part of the Platform, it will follow
      the API/ABI freeze from now on.
    * Remove the need for the template file for configure.in
    * Fix the categories for the .desktop files used to build the
      menus. [Behdad Esfahbod, Dennis and Emmanuele]

GNOME Search Tool


GNOME Dictionary

    * Reworked the size calculation for the window of the application
      and the applet: now, you should not need to resize it.
    * Code clean ups.
    * Support for the Document Font desktop setting.
    * Slight API addition inside libgdict: GdictDefbox now has a
      "font-name" property and its accessor functions.

GNOME Floppy

    * Fix bug 328956 - build using glibc 2.2 [Jens Granseuer]

GNOME Screenshot


GNOME Log Viewer

    * Begin some code clean ups.
    * Fix bug 327614 - avoid crashing when loading preferences.
    * Fix command line argument parsing, and add a "--version" switch
      to show the version.

Translations updates:

    ca [Josep Puigdemont], en_CA [Adam Weinberger],
    es [Francisco Javier F. Serrador], fi [Ilkka Tuohela],
    gl [Ignacio Casal Quinteiro], gu [Ankit Patel], it [Andrea Zagli],
    ja [Satoru SATOH], nb [Kjartan Maraas], nl [Tino Meinen],
    no [Kjartan Maraas], pt_BR [Evandro Fernandes Giovanini],
    th [Theppitak Karoonboonyanan], vi [Clytie Siddall],
    zh_CN [Funda Wang]



Emmanuele Bassi - <ebassi gmail com>
Log: http://log.emmanuelebassi.net

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