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Bir de buraya ileteyim dedim benim gnome-i18n ve gtranslator-devel listelerine
goenderdigin iletiyi - ben gtranslator gelistirmeciligini biraktim, fakat tabii
ki hala daha GNOME Turk ile ilgilenecegim :-)

Yani biriniz tercüme yapmis olup ve hala daha bir po tercuemesini yapasi varsa,
 hic cekinmesin :-)

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From: Fatih Demir <kabalak@gtranslator.org>
To: GNOME I18N List <gnome-i18n@gnome.org>
Subject: Project info: gtranslator = dead.
Date: 14 Apr 2003 23:51:00 +0200

Hi alltogether,

 just wanted to inform you, that the project gtranslator has been
"officially" stopped and declared for dead: there won't be any further
direct development from it in any form from my side. I fear there won't
be any really usable gettext translation tool for the GNOME2 platform
now, but well, no platform is perfect :-)

Hope to have you helped via the gtranslator tool, I also wanted to say
bye to the GNOME community as a semi-developer, I won't be writing any
code lines anymore. Hope, didn't make anyone angry over there and did
also do some productive stuff (at least with the GNOME 1.x version of
gtranslator :-)) - if someone is feeling insulted: sorry, didn't mean it
how it could be understood (sounds logical?! Well, anyway...)

I also want to ask the GTP pages maintainers to remove gtranslator from
the status pages monitors/pages, as gtranslator isn't maintained anymore
and won't be developped and any translation there would be useless (did
also write this in a README.TRANSLATORS file in /gtranslator/po/), ok?

If anyone wants to take some useful parts of gtranslator, please do so -
am still hoping, that there might be any useful codelines inside it
which could help any other projects to get around a prob.

Am also attaching my "explaining-or-so" text document from CVS just as
an act of documentification and am now saying bye,
 have a nice time and might GNOME develop and spread more over there,
more users, more apps, more usage! Yeah, rock on!
The current status of the project is quite dead - as no one showed up real
 interest in further developing gtranslator, I'm giving it up to develop it
  any further or to search for a real developer to take it over.

It maybe used as a starting point for some other projects, ideas or scripts;
 this project won't go on in the current form (GUI-driven GNOME2 based
  translation tool) as noone seems to be interested in helping at all and such.

But anyway, heyyya, now it's time to take over other stuff in real life and to
 write some really meant words down in here for all people who're reading this
  text file:

Thanks to all the people who delivered bug reports, gave me tips, ideas, pointers,
 bug reports, helped me generously with their time, hands, code lines (especially
  Gediminas Paulauskas - thanks very much for helping gtranslator to walk :-)) and
   of course translations, you won't be forgotten.

It has made much fun to write such an application which got useful for many of
 the users out there though it had many rough edges, made problems, ate much h's
  of translation work or showed up quite stupid forms of un-usability; especially
   the sometimes occuring "special understanding" of an user interface by my side
    of course ;-) But all I hope is, to have given you a tool which simplifies
     your work and creates you some spare time to have fun, drool with your 
      beloved and/or to get a good night on the town because some stupido tool
       made your work a _quite little bit_ easier.

Have a nice life and don't do too much computer stuff! ;-)

Fatih Demir <kabalak@gtranslator.org>

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