Luca Ferretti wrote:
Il giorno lun, 19/06/2006 alle 23.22 +0100, Thomas Wood ha scritto:
There are several things we could discuss at GUADEC this year, and since many of the artists and maintainers of art modules will be there, it has been suggested we hold an informal meeting. There is a revamp discussion at 10am on Thursday, 29th, which I assume a lot of you will already be interested in, so I suggest that just afterwards (11am), would be a good time to get together. Here are a few points I think we could discuss:

* Tango: It's role in GNOME and other distributions

* The future of gnome-themes
    - What themes to include
    - What license to use

* Improvements and changes to the default theme
    - Where are we heading?

* Revamp of GNOME theme manager

* Meta-Theme packaging

* plus anything else people want to discuss!

Any report about those stuff?
We decided there was a need to reduce the number of unmaintained themes in gnome-themes. It was agreed that the best themes to keep would be Clearlooks, Crux and Mist, and that we should add a new Industrial/Gorilla theme. I have already done the work to remove the other themes, and have left Glider in as well, until a suitable Industrial-based theme is created. These themes where chosen because they were all relatively unique and did not look too similar, as this has been one of the criticisms of gnome-themes in the past. The old themes would be re-packaged in a one-off tarball to allow people to install them if they wished.

The licensing issue was also discussed, but unfortunately no one really knows what the situation is. For the moment, things will stay as they are, but if we want to add the Gorilla icon theme, we will have to investigate further as Jakub wants this to be cc-by-sa. Sending an e-mail to the FSF might be an idea here, to get some clarity on the licensing relationship between icon themes and applications.

Tango is obviously going to play a big role in the future of the Gnome appearance, since it is being used as the new style in the Gnome icon theme. The Crux make over is also using Tango guidelines. We need to revamp or just cleanup the Mist icon theme (flat-blue), but I don't know whether this should use the Tango guidelines.

We also discussed moving the accessibility themes out of the theme manager somehow, and perhaps placing them into an accessibility control center applet. This would have to be approved by the usability list and the control center team. Finishing the SVG versions of the High Contrast icons was agreed to be a priority, as well as trying to get applications to install their accessibility icons into the HighContrast theme.

We didn't get time to discuss much about the future of the default theme, but any comments on possible improvements or direction, or any other comments on the points above, are very welcome!


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