The need for edit-delete

There is a bug against Nautilus [1] asking for a better metaphor for
"Move to Trash" and "Delete" action. The patch to fix nautilus is
trivial, use gnome-fs-trash icon for the first and GTK_STOCK_DELETE for
the second, but unfortunately both icons are using a garbage metaphor.

Now that the UI freeze is approaching, do you think we could provide a
new icon in g-i-t for 'edit-delete' named icon, so I can "lobby"
nautilus maintainer to apply the patch?

I quickly draw the attached one. Yes, it's just like the close tab icon
in FireFox, but
      * close icon in GNOME is historically a black cross
      * read means warning[2]
      * the edit-delete icon in Tango is not so good [3]

PS something like a shredded document?

[2] ok, not everywhere... but...
[3] see

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