Re: Manual conversion from 22x22 to 24x24 in gnome-icon-theme

The -kb option? And I'm not entirely sure what we're going to do with
the 22x22 vs. 24x24 at the moment. I will probably fix it so that a
build from CVS requires ImageMagick to generate the icons, but the
24x24 versions are included in a disted tarball.

-- dobey

On Mon, 2006-01-23 at 12:09 +0100, Luca Ferretti wrote:
> Il giorno lun, 23/01/2006 alle 11.56 +0100, Luca Ferretti ha scritto:
> > Because I suspect that gnome-icon-theme will not depend on ImageMagick
> > as tango, do you think I can manually convert new icons from 22x22 to
> > 24x24 and update on cvs?
> > 
> > Or you have different a plan?
> BTW the -kb option is needed only when you add a binary to repository,
> not if you locally replace the file with another one then run `cvs
> commit`, isn't it?

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